Northernlitze Reflective Backpacks

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The Story of Northernlitze Reflective Backpacks…
Having Coffee together on a cold winter day , cousins and founders of Northernlitze Matt and Jacob were discussing the number of automobile to pedestrian traffic accidents to them locally. After some research,  they found that number to be staggering on an international level.  Having felt that impact by their research, they decided that they would come up with a solution. That day a conversation became a business plan and soon after testing began on various samples of reflective materials and working with manufacturing to find the perfect mix of Visibility, Durability, and Fashion. Matt and Jacob have truly created a one of a kind backpack. Follow them on their Journey from Idea to Design.
NorthernLitze Reflective Backpacks – Our Goal is to save lives and build a product that matters.



NorthernLitze Reflective Backpacks