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Reflective Backpacks

About Us

In late 2017 Matt and Jacob set out on a plan to create a  reflective backpack that had  capabilities like no other bag on the market while keeping it durable and fashionable. After many prototypes and attempts the cousins have found a proprietary blend that reflects light in a way you have never seen before. The smallest light will turn the  black Northern Star bag into a bright beam of light. With the newest prototypes designed the dream of saving lives is coming to fruition. The first (2) bag styles are due to hit the market this month through Indiegogo. If one life is saved because of these bags the Cousins  feel that’s a win . We sincerely hope that all the children of the world find the bags cool and parents have the means to purchase it. Please look at our comparison videos and see for yourselves. We have made something that can change the lives of so many around the world.